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about me  United Kingdom flag

Hi, thanks for dropping in.  I have been away from Shutterchance for several years, but am trying to come back now.  We live in Kent, in South East England, in an area full of historic buildings, and modern malls.  We live close to the River Medway, that was once used by Sunday Afternoon boaters.  It still is!.  And we have a castle, well the ruins of one, but it does have a long history of defending both the town and nation, right up to and during World War II.

I take photos of anything that takes my fancy, and these days that is mostly water, boats, ships and birds.   I use a Panasonic Lumix camera mostly, but also  an Olympus C70z, and a Canon Power Shot pocket size, all of which live in my pocket or handbag. 

 I also have an Clympus E410, with 3 lenses including a 70-300mm, and a set of macro lenses which I rarely use and various filters. I rarely use ony of these any more, too heavy and bulky to carry around.

When I'm not looking after my husband or taking photos,  or working on the the internet, I like writing.  In between times, we are online sellers of used books, postcards, and ephemera.


VFXY Photos


Panasonic Lumix

Olympus digital camera C70 Zoom

Olympus M70 pocket camera

Canon Powershot pocket camera

Olympus DSLR E-410 and 3 lenses including a large zoom; also a set of macro lenses.


ACDSee 8 ..... my everyday, most used programme

ACDSee14 ..... my newest, which is replacing ACDSee 8

Photo Collage Platinum ..... my second most used programme, I would be lost without it 

PhotoFiltre ..... programme for fun and experiments, but what you see isn't always what you get when the results are printed.

FotoSketcher ..... still learning this one, for a long time, I'm sure it has potential I just have to do more work with it.

Serif Draw Plus ..... Endless possibilities for fun with photos additions (not editing), and the results can be saved as JPGs

Serif Page Plus

Serif Photo Plus

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