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photoblog image Red Tulips - a bird's eye view

REd tulips - from above.  Don't they look wonderful?


My apologies for the lack of comments, replies and even entries.  Life is quite busy and disrupted just now.  I do read all your comments, and see your entries, early in the morning, and promise myself that I will come back to write.  But time just disappears these days and before I know it, its bedtime and I am falling asleep.

Ray from Thailand 16 Apr 2014, 01:58
The two-lips are forgiving, Sheila.

Elizabeth Buckalew from Its Always Sunny in Flagstaff Arizona 16 Apr 2014, 05:53
I've been having the same problem with time lately, Sheila!! No need for apologies- we're just happy to see you here! I love how you've captured these beauties!!

Chris from England 16 Apr 2014, 07:44
Very pretty Sheila

Martin from Stone from United Kingdom 16 Apr 2014, 09:41
A cheerful flower, I like the way it opens with the sunshine

Ginnie Hart from Netherlands 16 Apr 2014, 09:50
I know life is hectic for you, Sheila. Just come when you can and we'll be happy to see you! Happy tulips till the next time.

Mary MacADNski from Snow-filled PEI, Canada 16 Apr 2014, 10:51
It is lovely that you are here again, Sheila. Don't worry one bit about answering comments.

Preyi Coco from Nigeria 16 Apr 2014, 13:19
i like this

Brian Walbey from England 16 Apr 2014, 16:55
They certainly do look lovely Sheila, peoples Tulips round our way seem to be putting on a very good show this year.

latest comment
Jennie from United States 2 Oct 2014, 12:56
Hi, Sheila!  Lovely image.

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